Graveyard symbols: architectural markers of life and death

Exploring the meaning behind symbols on headstones, tombs and graves

The Martorell Museum: the first public museum in Barcelona

Stemming from the collection of Francesc Martorell i Peña who died in 1878.

Europeana Travel Roulette

Spin the wheel and be inspired to virtually visit interesting places across Europe

Travelling through the pages

Find inspiration for your holidays at home in literature

Travel gear for globetrotters throughout the 20th Century

How the emerging travel industry inspired trends in fashion and accessories in the 20th century.

Trekking through Europe: a history of hiking

Explore the history of hiking in Europe, from Wandervögel to Grand Randonnée

Summer sketched: the Skagen Painters in Denmark

A group of Scandinavian artists gathered in Skagen in the 19th century

Tracing 120 years of summer Olympic Games poster design

Symbolising the games, host cities and sport

Gem of illuminated manuscripts collection: Great Canterbury Psalter from BnF

Read about one of the most famous and lavishly illustrated manuscripts made in England in the Romanesque era.

European Capital of Culture: celebrating a continent's culture

More than 60 cities across Europe have held the title.

Private and Public Letters

Read about the famous epistolary cases from 14th and 17th century when private correspondence entered public life.

Sustainability and Tourism

The impact of tourism, and the way forward towards environmental, social and economic harmony.

Before Braille: raised type in Europe

In the nineteenth century innovations in raised type allowed the written word to became accessible to visually impaired readers for the first time.

Agriturismo in Italy: holidays that preserve rural communities

How agriturismo in Italy preserves rural communities and is an alternative holiday choice

Protecting and preserving nature and culture: photographer Hilding Mickelsson in Hälsingla…

Documenting changes in a Swedish province's rich cultural and natural heritage in the 20th century

Romanticism and the Invention of Tradition: Iolo Morganwg and James MacPherson

Learn about literary forgeries in 18th century poetry celebrating Celtic cultures in Scotland and Wales.

The Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre: an African American legacy

Discover the history of a modern dance theatre that helped propel stories of a nation to the world

John Lind: an early drag icon

One of the most successful female impersonators in the early 20th century

Take these travel-inspired jigsaw puzzles

Make these jigsaw puzzles to discover beautiful places and find some travel inspiration.

Street Literature: Welsh Almanacs

Discover the favourite reading material of monoglot Welsh speakers right from the 17th century.