black and white illustration of a woman crying into a curtain

Artworks inspired by stories and literature, girlhood and feminism

A wooden rack with bundles of wool dyed in different colours hanging and drying.

Navigating between contemporary creation, traditional know-how and conservation

colour painting, .a painter sits on a tree trunk with palette and brushes in hand and the painter's box with the painting on his knees. His hat and crutch lie in the grass next to the tree. In front of him are sheep and a cow in the meadow.
a woman with white hair and black clothing sits in front of old wooden looms and colourful tapestry slung over wooden beams.

Four videos showing how Greek identities are embodied by the craft of weaving, weaving together past, present and future

collage image of three logos of the three European Capitals of Culture for 2023

Exploring Elefsina, Timișoara and Veszprém

black and white photograph of a young man playing a piano

How contemporary composers moved within Europe in the 20th century

Museums of the Year in Europe in 2022 and 2023

Celebrating award-winning cultural heritage institutions

black and white photograph, a group of men hold the Mona Lisa painting

A famous artist on trial for a shocking crime

colour poster with headline word ESPERANTO showing figures sitting on a flying winged horse

The history of a new international language

a black and white picture of a smiling man standing in a small store that is filled with paper-mache animal silhouettes, sticking out of the walls and standing on shelves above his head.

A chat with Roberto Capone, paper-mâché craftsman

A wooden polychrome triptych consisting of three panels hinged together with painted scenes

Learn about the symbolic significance of medieval imagery

cropped black and white photograph portrait of Virginia Quaresma

Mixed race and lesbian writer and activist who fought for equality

cropped colour photograph of a red, black and pink badge with words London Friend on a wooden table

50 years of community support and services

Through the looking glass: the birth of analogue photography and animation.

Brighten up December with cultural heritage!

Jackek Kaminski, a Polish present-day shoe artisan, stand in a grey suit among shelves on either side and above him, all filled with brown wooden shoe molds.

Jacek Kamiński and his family have been artfully crafting shoes in Warsaw for over seventy years

The first and only Romanian President with a sceptre

Hats for women were wildly popular, until they weren't. Find out what happened to women's headwear throughout the last century!

Photo from a 2017 Black Lives Matter demo in Berlin. The women in the centre holds a poster that says: "Generation ADEFRA / black feminists say NO to racism, misogyny, homo-/transphobia, trumpism, fascism!"

How three organisations promote Black participation in politics