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Books in 13th century

black and white photograph of a crowd watching a football match, standing in front of a detailed scoreboard
Sporting divides: antisemitism in post-war Hungarian football matches

Communist propagranda labelled the scandalous scenes 'class struggles'

colour photograph of a large rainbow flag / banner on a city street with a church in the background
Living with Pride: photographs by Christopher Robson

Documenting LGBTI+ life and activism in Ireland during the 1990s and 2000s

From Latin to the Vernacular

The 12th century saw a literary revolution in Europe

Electric cars in history

If you think electric cars are an invention of the 21st Century, think again!

Luxury vs. functionality

How a manuscript can indicate its readership


From the ghetto of Venice to ghetto fabulous
How we watch TV

From collective experience to solo binge

A creole woman in a red turban
Creole culture movement

Kreolitude and what it can bring to people

collage of three paintings
Pedro Sunda, Diego Bemba and Dom Miguel de Castro

Three portraits telling a remarkable story of diplomacy and colonial history in the 17th century

painting of Aleksander Pushkin
Mixed-race: A further consideration of racial identity in European history

The ways in which mixed raced people have contributed to the stories of Europe

cropped colour portrait of Joseph Bologne, who wears a read jacket and holds a sword
Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges

Fencer, composer, soldier, Versailles

colourful drawing with many different figures
Wifredo Lam: disturbing the dreams of the exploiters

Cuban whose art was influenced both by Catholic and African traditions

Bust of Otto Hahn seen from two different angles.
Otto Hahn

Meet an icon of 20th Century Science History


The animation studio that created the cartoons Polish kids grew up on

black and white photograph showing two boxers throwing punches
Leone Jacovacci: the Afro-Italian boxer who faced fascism

Italian boxing champion in the 1920s

Scribe working surrounded by books
How manuscript circulation in the Middle Ages influenced production

Learn about how aiming for more efficient manuscript production led to repeated iconography

black and white illustration portrait of an actor on stage
Ira Aldridge, Shakespearean actor

African-American actor and abolitionist

Werner Heisenberg, quantum mechanics pioneer

Meet an icon of 20th-century science history

GIF IT UP logo with animated hammer and paint brush
How to make a great GIF

Learn how GIF IT UP participants find inspiration and bring cultural heritage to life