colour illustration showing two football players running for a ball in a crowded stadium
Spot the ball: 5 sport puzzles to test your skills

Pinpoint the ball in these vintage sport photographs

colour photograph of an airplace spreading water over land
Broadcasting natural disasters - wildfires

How the media has reported on historical wildfires across Europe

For a multilingual Europe: learning new languages

How we have learned and taught languages across Europe.

black and white photograph of a football team in front of a goal
100 years of football in Girona

From Unió Deportiva Girona to Girona Futbol Club

colour photograph of Nadia Comăneci training
Nadia Comăneci, the first Olympic gymnast to score a perfect 10

'The Goddess from Montréal'

collage image of several photographs with text 'spot the difference'
Spot the difference: 6 sport puzzles to play

Can you see the changes in these vintage sport photographs?

Leading the field: ploughing championships

Agricultural tests of skill and agility

The history of cars

The 20th century car: from luxury and commodity to icon

black and white photograph of a man in a canoe
Anton Geurts: from a homemade canoe to Olympic silver

Dutch canoeist in the 1960s

a colour photograph of a smiling woman with a straw hat, holding a basket, in front of a green plantation of tea plants
Tea from China

A cup of wonder: how tea from China conquered the world

black and white photograph, two men in the audience watching sports react with surprise
Surprising sports at the Olympic Games

8 unusual activities that have been part of the Olympics

black and white photograph of gymnasts in formation
Gymnastikhøjskolen: a school for gymnastics in Denmark

Nation's first sports college was founded in 1920

colour painting of gymnast Věra Čáslavská doing a gymnastics move
Věra Čáslavská: Czech gymnastics icon

Subtly protested Soviet invasion at the 1968 Olympics

Vitalism: art celebrating sport, bodies & nature

Health, youth and strength in Scandinavian and German art

Illustration from The Book of the City of Ladies (Le Livre de la Cité des Dames) depicting two scenes. In the first scene, on the left side, a woman (the author) sits at the desk with books on it; in front of her, three women (three Virtues) are standing wearing crowns. In the second scene, on the right side, the female author is helping one of the Virtues (called Lady Reason) build the external walls of the titular City of Ladies.
Beguines and literature in the Middle Ages

13th century female semi-religious orders who created and transmitted vernacular literature

black and white photograph, wheelchair user athletes parading in a stadium in front of large crowd
Histories of the Paralympic Games

Evolution of the games for athletes with disabilities

What the White House could have looked like

The story of George Washington and the competition to design the residence of the President of the United States

colour painting depicting a woman reading at a table, while two children and a servant are talking
China for bookworms

Summer reading tips inspired by the Land of the Dragon

black and white photograph of a Latvian football team
11 vilki: the early history of Latvia's national football team

Playing for two decades in the 1920s and 1930s

painting portrait of a young woman, who wears a white cloak / dress with a detailed red collar, her hands are crossed and she holds white gloves
Migrants: portraits of figures who moved to Sweden

Summer exhibition at the Swedish National Portrait Gallery