Plácido's portrait painted by his son Ignacio Zuloaga
Plácido Zuloaga: How the medieval art of Alhambra inspired one of Spain’s greatest modern …

The Nasrid dynasty was the last Muslim dynasty in the Iberian Peninsula, ruling the Emirate of Granada from 1230 until 1492. Today, the most visible evidence of the Nasrid dynasty is the Alhambra palace complex which has influenced generations of creators

black and white photograph of a group of men on a quayside by a large ship
Witnesses to Irish emigration in the 20th century

Century of change and continuity

colour illustration of athletes walking by a large number of flags on flagpoles with Edinburgh castle in the background
Go Scotland! 90 years of Commonwealth Games competition

Exploring the archives of Commonwealth Games Scotland

colour photograph of street with many orange flags and decorations
Your EURO2020: Share your photos

Show us how you and your community are celebrating EURO2020

Men and machines: the queer art of Gösta Adrian-Nilsson

Exploring the queer artistic legacy of GAN

How did we get so much stuff?

The rise of consumerism in the 20th century

black and white photograph, a large group of people running a race
Tisza sport shoes: icon of Hungarian sport

Sport story of a shoe factory in Martfű

photograph of an Ancient Greek relief showing a young man playing with a ball
The classical roots of modern-day football

Greek and Latin in the beautiful game

image with green background showing icon of comb and scissors, pestle and mortar, axe and parachute
Game on: 4 unique championships from across Europe

Competitions with regional and cultural inspiration

parts of intricate architectural features inside the Alhambra Palace
The medieval art of Alhambra: how Nasrid art influenced Europe's artists

The visual and decorative art produced by the Nasrids within and around the Alhambra complex has influenced European artists in ways that are only now beginning to be understood

colour illustration showing a coral reef with swimming fish
Life under the seas

Exploring symbiosis in species

illustration of trees in front of a house and shed.
Sustainable architecture: design for life on earth

How architects are designing with environmental awareness in mind

Utrecht, city of cycling

Dutch city with the country's first bicycle path

black and white photograph portrait of Johnny Weissmuller who wears a swimming singlet
Johnny Weissmuller: from Olympic gold to cinema stardom

Competitive swimmer who became a Hollywood leading man

collage of three photographs featuring Olympic mascot toys shaped like a wolf, bear and a human-shaped ice cube
Mascots: bringing the Olympic spirit to life

Where do the Olympic mascots come from?

Luca Missoni stands in front of a design board with different patterns. On the left stands a mannequin dressed in a colourful patterned shirt from the Missoni line
True Colours

A Vlog Series with Luca Missoni - Europeana XX Ambassador of Change

Voices from the past: 20th-century migration in audio and video

Recordings, reports and more relating to migration, found on Europeana

colour photograph of Coventry city centre in the evening
Coventry: city of change and movement

Exploring the 2021 UK City of Culture


When China was "à la mode" in the West

black and white photograph, men with a rugby ball
How Salvador Dalí supported a Girona rugby team

Surrealist artist and rugby fan