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Still frame from a video discussing medieval manuscripts. Two hands holding a very small codex positioned just above a large manuscript book. Both books have detailed calligraphy.

Videos, learning scenarios, games & other resources for Primary, Secondary and Post-Secondary from the ARMA project

Find out how to implement a CLIL approach to your lessons with Subtitle-a-thon

colour painting of three girls, one is sketching, the other two are watching

Learning scenarios designed by CHI professionals to be used in the schools

Detail of a medieval miniature showing a woman (Erythraea) writing a scroll.

Lesson plans and tools for remote learning activities

Learning scenarios organized by

STEAM, PBL, IBSE, CLIL, Edutainment

Environment, citizenship, migration and more

Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Greek, Polish

Primary, Secondary, Post-Secondary, VET & adult education

Other educational resources

Discover a whole new world of possibilities for digital education where you can play the main role

Best practices of digital learning with innovative ready-to-use material

This virtual learning environment offers innovative distant learning tools for history and citizenship education

Explore our MOOCs - massive open online course - and bring digital cultural heritage in your lessons and practices