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Royal Book Collections

Discover a selection of the most sumptuous of manuscripts, the craftsmanship of their illuminations and luxurious bindings.

European Sport Heritage

Find out what it means to be a football fan, take a look at some great photos of famous players, and go on a whistle-stop tour of Europe’s most popular sports.

Untold Stories of the First World War

It was the war that tore Europe apart - no European nation was left untouched. But it was the ordinary men and women who were affected the most.

From Dada to Surrealism

Discover the lives and work of seven Avant-Garde artists from Romania and the relationship between their Jewish identity and radical modernity.

The World of Musical Instruments

Explore a selection of instruments from Europe’s major musical instrument museums, illustrating a range of styles and cultural uses.

Art Nouveau

This exhibition explores how Art Nouveau, characterised by its curvilinear elegance and organic forms inspired by nature, dominated the cultural scene.