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Jazz Greats

A selection of jazz artists on Europeana

Albert Edelfelt

From promising young painter to European celebrity, Albert Edelfelt (1854-1905) was Finland’s first cosmopolitan art icon. His work was admired by, among many others, Vincent van Gogh.


This gallery shows calendars and others ways to show days and date and tell the time.

Famous migrants

This gallery highlights a selection of well-known people from across Europe, who worked in the arts and sciences and were migrants or refugees

Barrel organs

The barrel refers to a cylinder with raised teeth which rotates within the organ. As the cylinder rotates, the teeth raise levers, allowing air to pass into pipes.

Skylines and panoramas

Photographs, sketches and paintings showing the skylines, panoramas, and architecture of cities and towns

Winter wonderland

Here are some scenes in paintings, photographs, drawings and more of how people across Europe and the world celebrate and enjoy life when the weather gets colder.

Holiday snapshots

A selection of artworks and vintage photos highlights people enjoying summer days.


The valiha is a stringed instrument from Madagascar, comprising strings of varying lengths arranged on raised bridges around a section of bamboo tube. The strings can be made either from strips of the bamboo itself or from some other material. It is playe…

Planes, trains and automobiles

A variety of vehicles used for transport through air, rail, road or water, including motorcycles, boats and aeroplanes.

Calligraphy across cultures

Across the world different cultures have combined handwriting and art to create aesthetic works of text. These differing traditions across communities and timespans are fascinating to compare.


Exotic and domestic animals represented in art and photography.

Rivers and canals

Rivers, canals and lakes from across Europe and beyond, as depicted in painting, photographs, maps and more

Treasures of the Mauritshuis

The Mauritshuis is famous for its unique collection of paintings by Dutch and Flemish masters from the Golden Age. Here is a selection of our favourite works.

Rising from the deep: sea monsters!

At the edges of the known world, in the depths of the seas, great monsters lurk. Based on myths and travellers' tales artists and mapmakers gave them form.

Seascapes in art

Seas surround us, inspiring artists for centuries. Explore these seascapes from across Europe, scenes of tranquility, storms, leisure and industry.

European Folk Costumes

Paintings, engravings and drawings of people wearing traditional, national and folk costumes and clothing from across Europe.

Stained Glass

Stained glass is a centuries old artform. These windows - in churches, houses, factories, museums and more from buildings in several countries across Europe - show a range of artistic styles.


Explore these cultural cats from collections across Europe - these drawings, photographs and paintings show the finest of feline forms.

Dragons in myth and science

In Europe and the Middle East the dragon was a legendary creature of evil. Noble knights could slay them, holy saints could tame them. But are the dragons of myth based on reality?