Children's Games

Children's Games

Mydlové bublinky

Bonnet, Louis Marin; Huet, Jean Baptiste

Slovak national gallery

[Unpublished item]

Wahrscheinlich von Hamann, Heinrich (Fotograf/in) (Herstellung); Atelier J. Hamann (Fotograf/in) (Herstellung)

Museum of Arts and Crafts, Hamburg


Museum of English Rural Life, University of Reading


Wellcome Collection


Museum of Ethnography

Boy from "[Sing-Song. A nursery rhyme book. ... With ... illustrations by A. Hughes, etc.]…

The British Library

Giocatori di bocce


Galleria Civica di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea - Torino

bocce from "C. Frommel's pittoreskes Italien. Nach dessen Original-Gemälden und Zeichnung…

The British Library

Lead spinning tops

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Display on stilts

National Library of Scotland


Lewinsky, Franz (czynny ok. 1888-ok. 1903). Fot.

Digital Library of the Wroclaw University

Four children play on stilts in the park as a dog runs beside them. Engraving by W. Greatb…

Wellcome Collection

Boy Blowing Soap Bubbles. Allegory on the Transitoriness and the Brevity of Life


National Gallery of Denmark

Boy Blowing Soap Bubbles

Finnish National Gallery

Two Girls Blowing Bubbles


The "tug of war"

Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg. Universitätsbibliothek

Sitsia and Leapfrog, EUROPA Issue Children’s Games, Republic of Cyprus

Cyprus Post, Republic of Cyprus

Digital Heritage Research Lab - Cyprus University of Technology

Pole vaulting from the back garden into the Irish record books

Europeana Foundation

Rowing; open-air swimming bath, Wales

Wellcome Collection

[Unpublished item]
BSM i bowling. Maj 1956.

Örebro Kuriren

Örebro läns museum


Spielzeugmuseum der Stadt Nürnberg (Museum Lydia Bayer)

Hide and Seek. A young couple hide behind a screen

Wellcome Collection

British, French and American soldiers seated with W.A.A.C.s on the sands watching French k…

National Library of Scotland

Young men and women are playing blind man's buff. Engraving by B. Cole, 1753.

Wellcome Collection

The See-Saw


Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

Blind man's buff

Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg. Universitätsbibliothek

Blind Man's Buff

Nationalmuseum, Sweden

Image from page 34 of My Little Chinese Book

The British Library

Image from page 26 of My Little Chinese Book

The British Library

Jar@eng, Kärl

The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities

Anna-Lisa Martinoff (Karbow) med docka.

Gustav Sandberg

Society of Swedish Literature in Finland

Systrarna Sally (gift Palmén) och Ilma ...

Julia Widgrén

Society of Swedish Literature in Finland

Porträtt av Elin Hägglund.

Erik Hägglund

Society of Swedish Literature in Finland

A doctor riding his hobby-horse; represented by a pestle and mortar. Coloured etching.

Wellcome Collection

'. . . very expert horsemen . . .'

Europeana 1914-1918

flöjt, flute

Museum of World Culture

drum sticks from "Songs and Lyrics for Little Lips. Set to music by W. H. Cummings and oth…

The British Library

A family scene in a kitchen with an old woman sitting by the fire sewing and four children…

Wellcome Collection

Crinoline hoops

Amsterdam Museum

Two scotsmen and a witch flying on a broomstick. Etching by P. Sandby with text by Hopkins…

Paul Sandby

Wellcome Collection

Israel, Rotery Party on the Hannuka holydays witha belly dancer.

Salinger, Yoni

National Library of Israel

School choir in Strumitsa

NALIS Foundation

Children clustered around a Saint Martin’s bonfire


whipping top

Horniman Museum and Gardens

Bedouin reach Tel Aviv suburb.

Gotfried, Danny

National Library of Israel

Mr and Mrs James Bleu and children / J. Zoffany

National Library of France