Aerophotography of Palaiokastro (Navarino)

Zonglos, Castle of Yalova

In 1287 μ.Χ. the Flemish lord of Thebes, Nicholas II de Saint Omer, built on cape Koryphasion a castle, using much of the extant building material of the classical acropolis, as well as of earlier Pelasican fortifications. The castle (Palaiokastro) had a long and turbulent history: in 1381 it was subjugated to the Navarreans, in 1423 it was bought by the Venetians and annexed to Methoni, and in 1…

The islet Pylos or Tsihli Baba
The islet Tsihli Baba to the south of Sphakteria
Opieka nad zabytkami i ich konserwacja
Pomniki bez cokołów – realizacje przedstawiające mężczyzn