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Women at work

Whether in the home or in a workplace, women's work has long been overlooked. This gallery of photographs and paintings presents women at work, raising questions of equality, rights and work-life balance.

Mining and miners

Mining, a major industry across Europe, has employed millions of people while raising questions about working conditions, safety and environmental effects. This gallery presents photographs and artefacts about mining. Curated by Europeana Common Culture…


Fishing is an ancient practice dating back millennia that occupies and employs people to catch, process and prepare fish for human consumption. Traditionally part of community life, fishing is increasingly done at industrial scale.

Textile industry

From its role at the forefront of the industrial revolution to today's fast fashion, the textile industry - whether cotton and linen, weaving and spinning - has employed people across Europe for centuries. Gallery curated by Europeana Common Culture…

Art & Industrial Heritage

Artists have long been fascinated by how we work. From the early years of the industrial revolution, artists have portrayed places, people and our industrial heritage - both celebrating and critiquing. This gallery brings together art from around Europe i…

Ports and Harbours

Ports and harbours connect water and land, towns and cities, and countries across seas, as well as providing livelihoods to communities. This gallery showcases images of ports and harbours across Europe. Gallery curated by Europeana Common Culture proje…

Grand Hotel Europa

Hotels are not simply places to stay and relax, but places of work for many people. This gallery shows photographs and illustrations of grand hotels across Europe. Gallery curated by Europeana Common Culture project partners

Telephones through time

The telephone has become an essential tool of communication – from its invention in 1876 to the ever-connected mobile and conference calls we have today. This gallery tracks the development of telephones through time.

Travel and tourism ephemera

Labels, tickets, leaflets, baggage tags... this gallery of paper ephemera from the travel and tourism industry offers a fascinating window to the world of transport and holidaying across Europe.

Industrial architecture across Europe

Factories, workshops, power plants and more - these buildings are where European industrial heritage was created. This gallery explores industrial architecture across Europe. Gallery curated by Europeana Common Culture project partners

Rugby in Europe in the past and present

From its establishment in the 1840s to today, rugby has been played by professional and amateur teams in many European countries. This gallery presents sporting photography, memorabilia and artworks related to rugby in Europe.

Working lives across Europe

Across Europe, work isn’t just what we do. It’s often who we are and where we’ve come from. It’s an integral part of our cultural heritage. This gallery of vintage imagery explores our industrial and labour-related heritage.

The Artist's Studio

Whether a place of work, contemplation or conviviality, the studio reflects the artist's personality, practice and creative imagination.

Albrecht Dürer

Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528) was a remarkably gifted German artist of the Renaissance period. Born in Nuremberg, one of Europe's leading artistic centres, Dürer was a brilliant painter, printmaker, draughtsman and writer.


Synagogues, Jewish communities' places of worship, have been found across Europe for millennia. This gallery of photographs, postcards and drawings of synagogues - many of which are sadly no longer present - illustrate the rich religious and architect…

Aerial Photography

Europe from above: this gallery shows photographs of European landscapes taken from above - aerial photographs from airplanes showing the diversity of landscapes across Europe.

Summer holidays in the past

Summer in Europe is a time of sunshine, relaxation and holidays. These vintage photographs are a snapshot, showing how we have spent our summer days in the past. Gallery curated by Larissa Borck, Swedish National Heritage Board

Ice cream

Ice cream, eis, gelato... eating and enjoying ice-cream is a quintessential summertime activity. This gallery presents vintage photography and artefact showing our love of ice-cream all across Europe. Gallery curated by Larissa Borck, Swedish National H…

Hot air balloons

Since the early ballooning days of the French Montgolfier brothers and the Italian daredevil Vincenzo Lunardi, much has changed. Nonetheless flying hot air balloons has survived as a sport and past-time to this day.

Group portraits

Clubs, classes, communities, families, friends, meetings and more coming together to mark the moment for history. These group portraits are fascinating snapshots of moments and communities in time.